How To Care For Cigars In A Humidor

A humidor is usually a wooden box designed to provide the ideal environment for cigar storage. Cigars are manufactured in locations with warm, humid climates, and so they keep their longevity and optimal flavour in a humidor that has a humidity level of about 70 percent. If you have special collections of cigars, carefully monitor and regulate the humidor’s humidity and, if necessary, lower it to preserve your cigars.

When to Lower Humidity

Keep in mind that the ideal humidity range is approximately 68 percent to 72 percent for storing and preserving cigars. This is technically room temperature, which is normally about 20 to 25ºC. When purchased, a humidor should come with a hygrometer, which is a device for measuring the humidity in the box. Maintain the optimal level of humidity by either increasing or decreasing the moisture inside the humidor.

Steps to Lower Humidity

To lower the humidity inside the box, open the humidor and leave it open for about two to three hours. This allows the moisture inside the humidor to decrease as it escapes the box, lowering the humidity. To speed this process, leave the opened humidor under direct sunlight.

Get rid of some of the water content inside the humidor by simply refilling the box less frequently. By constantly refilling the humidor with distilled water, you keep its humidity up. By removing or lessening the water, humidity will decrease.

To further regulate the humidity inside the box, use humidor beads available at cigar shops. These beads function to regulate humidity, usually at 65 percent. Soak the beads in distilled water. Remove excess water and place the beads inside the box. These beads will either absorb the extra moisture or will release the needed amount of moisture to control humidity.

How to Maintain Humidity

To maintain and regulate humidity, make sure your hygrometer is functioning well. Replace it with a new one if you have to.

The humidor comes with a small humidifier, which you can add distilled water to if you wish to increase moisture.

Consistently monitor the humidity as indicated on the hygrometer at least every two weeks. Add more distilled water when the humidity level drops to 65 percent.

If the humidity is too low, add a propylene glycol solution. The propylene glycol solution should contain 50% propylene glycol and 50% distilled water. Propylene glycol works in two ways: it will both humidify and absorb excess humidity in your humidor. It also acts as a bacterial and mould inhibitor. The frequency with which you need to charge your humidor with the solution varies depending on your climate, approximately every 1-3 months, but in some climates every 6 months will suffice. In between you should just add distilled water to your humidifier.

When it is time to recharge your humidifier with a propylene glycol solution, you should first rinse the humidifier with distilled water and let it dry out. This will eliminate any propylene glycol that has not evaporated. Now you can add more of the solution.

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