How To Remove Carpet Stains With Borax

Borax has been used for over 100 years to clean laundry, and it makes a great all-purpose-cleaner. It’s a popular choice for those who care about the environment, too, because it doesn’t contain chlorine or phosphates. It’s not only a safe cleaner but does a great job.  It works very well as a stain removal agent.

To clean fresh spills you can use the following method

What You Will Need

  • Clean Cloths
  • Cold Water
  • Borax


  1. Blot with clean cloth to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Blotting lifts the stain and helps stop it from spreading. Spray the area with cold water
  2. Sprinkle borax over the area
  3. Place a cold, wet cloth over the borax
  4. Use the curved side of a spoon to press the cloth and work the borax into the spot.
  5. Blot the spot again with a clean cloth.
  6. Continue this procedure until the blotting cloth shows no sign of remaining spilled liquid being drawn from the carpet.
  7. Spray with cold water to rinse and blot until all borax is cleaned up.
  8. Place several paper towels over the area and set a heavy object on them for several hours to absorb any residual liquid.
  9. Remove the paper towels and let the area air dry before vacuuming.

For older or more stubborn stains you can make a stronger paste.

What You Will Need

  • Salt
  • Borax
  • Vinegar
  • Vacuum

How To Make The Paste

Mix together equal parts of the salt, borax and vinegar.  The amounts depend of the size of the stain.


  1. Apply the paste mixture to the stain.
  2. In this case, rub it into the carpet fibres.
  3. Let it dry and vacuum.


  • Always be sure to test a small, discrete portion of the carpet first, to ensure that none of the carpet fibres are damaged.
  • Do not rub the stain, use a blotting motion.
  • You can also use the paste for stubborn stains on mattresses and upholstry

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