Reef Range Algae Remover

Reef Range Algae Remover

Reef Range algae remover has been developed to dissolve Coralline Algae from Reef Aquarium equipment and also green algae from fresh water equipment.
Algae Remover is designed to remove the algae over 12 hours and by doing this it does NOT dissolve rubber seals etc inside the pumps.

Unlike household items such as vinegar Reef Range Algae remover doesn’t use the nasty ingredients found in vinegar such as sugar which over time will wear away parts of the equipment.

Our products are long lasting, highly effecient, and when used following the instructions you will NOT find another product to do the job better.


  1. 1L of Algae Remover should be mixed with 4L of water providing a 5L solution.
  2. Once the solution is made place all equipment you wish to be cleaned into the bucket containing the solution and leave for approx 12 hours.
  3. Remove equipment and use an old toothbrush to brush of the now soft sludge like algae leaving behind the new clean equipment.
  4. Now rinse your equipment under tap water making sure to remove all the Algae cleaner from the equipment making sure that its not going to enter the aquarium.
  5. Use old salt water or fresh water from your water change to futher rinse the equipment before returning to the Aquarium.

Note: The Algae Cleaner solution can be stored for up to 12 Months and used time after time.
Note: Misusage of this product will have adverse effects on the Aquarium and equipment if you do not follow the instruction correctly.

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