Reefrange Complete Balling Kit

Reef Range Complete Balling Kit

Balling is an easy way to control Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity for optimium stablility within your reef aquarium.

This is an ideal and easy to use product that will provide a stable system.

The kit contains all three chemicals needed and Containers, Stickers etc for 100% easy usage, And as keen reef keeping enthusiasts we have provided a website and web forum packed full of great information on all aspects of the reef aquarium.

Click Here to view our forum where all your questions and queries will be answered.

The Pack Includes:

1Kg Calcium Chloride Flakes
1Kg Sodium Bicarbonate
1Kg Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
3 x 2.5 Litre Jerry Cans
6 x Colour coded labels
1 x Instruction Leaflet

Once you have purchased our Balling Kit you can simply purchase refill packs when you need them.

Always take care to read the instructions and if you are unsure about anything please ask at our support forum.

You should be very careful about the kinds of products or chemicals put into your aquarium. Any products you put in your tank should be used with full knowledge of their capabilities and limitations as many of these products may add more than just either Calcium, Alkalinity and/or Magnesium. If you don’t know what a product does, find out here.

Buy Reefrange Complete Balling Kit


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