How to use Boric Acid powder to kill fleas on carpets

People have been fighting fleas, ants, cockroaches and other pest with boric acid for decades. Boric acid is one of the most effective flea control agents ever developed.  Fleas live off the blood they gain from their hosts, normally animals & pets like cats and dogs but they can also feast on the blood of humans.

Boric acid is a wonderful tool for controlling fleas in homes, especially on carpets where they tend to live and lay their eggs. It is effective in extremely small amounts and retains its potency almost indefinitely provided the deposit remains dry. Boric acid is deadly to fleas, but is low in toxicity to people, pets and other non target animals. It is also odourless and contains no volatile solvents. In humans, boric acid is only slightly more toxic than table salt but care must always be taken when using around pets and children.

Fleas succumb to boric acid when they crawl over treated areas. Boric acid powder kills fleas by acting as a desiccant causing severe dehydration to them and ensuring death. In order to eliminate the fleas it is important to treat all areas by sprinkling the powder over the surfaces.

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***How to make an applicator for using boric acid***

Take an old Pringles container or similar which has a detachable plastic lid. It is important to place stick a label on the outside of the container and write clearly that it contains Boric Acid so as there is no chance of it being misused at a later date. Put a few pebbles into the container (these help to prevent the powder caking when it is stored away and also helps when applying). Now fill the container up to about 2/3 full with the boric acid powder. Carefully, using a knitting needle or similar pointed tool pierce the plastic lid of the container 20 or 30 times to form a series of holes through which the boric acid can pass.

Alternatively just buy a shaker as for instance used for castor sugar but make sure that you label it for the boric acid and keep it away from food stuffs and out of reach of children.

***Where to apply the boric acid***

Where the powder is applied is just as important as how it’s applied. Fleas prefer to live in carpets, fabrics, upholstery, bedding etc. All areas can be treated with boric acid powder but care should be taken with coloured fabrics to prevent possible discolouration. If unsure pre-test an inconspicuous area first. Remember to apply under furniture.

NEVER apply boric acid onto countertops or other exposed surfaces, especially those used to prepare food.

***How to apply boric acid to kill fleas***

Before applying boric acid it is advisable to vacuum the carpets, upholstery etc first. Dispose of the vacuum bag into the bin as many of the fleas will been lifted. Remove all loose objects, toys, shoes, etc from the areas to be treated.  For best results, the powder should be applied in a very thin layer barely visible to the naked eye.  To apply a fine layer, shake the container and puff a small quantity of the powder into the target area. Then work the powder into the carpet pile with a soft bristled brush so that it gets down where the fleas tend to live. If applying to upholstery use a hand brush remembering to work the boric acid down into gaps.

After 1 – 2 days vacuum all surfaces treated and vacuum carpets regularly after this as the boric acid will continue to kill both the fleas and their larvae. After a month shampoo carpets.

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