What is Triethanolamine and what is it used for


Triethanolamine, also known commonly as Trolamine and often abbreviated as TELA or TEA, is an organic compound with the formula C6H15NO3. It is both a tertiary amine and a tri-alcohol and like other amines it is a mild alkali.

  • IUPAC Name: 2,2′,2″-Nitrilotriethanol
  • Other Names: Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)amine, 2,2′,2″-Trihydroxy-triethylamine, Triethylolamine, Trolamine, TEA, TEOA, TELA
  • Formula: C6H15NO3
  • Mol Wt: 149.18
  • CAS No: 102-71-6
  • Purity: 85% TEA + 15% Water
  • Appearance: clear liquid
  • Boiling Point: 335.14oC
  • Density: 1.118 g/cm3

Uses of triethanolamine

This ingredient is used as a pH balancer in cosmetic preparations in a variety of different products – ranging from skin lotion, eye gels, moisturizers, shampoos, shaving foams etc. because triethanolamine is pH 5–6 which is similar to skin pH. Cleansing milk or cream emulsions that are based on triethanolamine are good for removing makeup.

Another common use of TEA is as a complexing agent for aluminium ions in aqueous solutions.

Triethanolamine is used as an emulsifier and as a surfactant.

TEA has been used in photographic (silver halide) processing and has been recommended as a useful alkai by amateur photographers.

Health & Safety:

This product is not classified according to the EU regulations.

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