What is Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous and what is it used for


Sodium sulphate is the sodium salt of sulphuric acid. It is a white crystalline solid of formula Na2SO4 known as the mineral thenardite. Sodium sulphate is soluble in water with a melting point of 884C and density of 2.7 g/cm3. In water solutions it is fully dissociated to sodium and sulphate ions.


  • Other Names: Disodium monosulphate; Sulphuric acid, Sodium salt; Natriumsulfat;
  • Appearance: white crystalline solid
  • Odour: Odourless
  • Assay: 99.7% minimum
  • Melting Point: 884 oC
  • Boiling Point: 1429 oC
  • Specific Gravity: 2.664 g/ cm3
  • Solubility: 47.6 g/L in water @ 0C; 427 g/L @ 100C
  • CAS NO: 7757–82–6
  • EINECS NO: 231–820–9
  • Molecular formula: Na2SO4
  • Molecular weight: 142.04
  • Degree of Whiteness: 80.0 % Min
  • pH Value(1 % at 20): 7
  • Fe: 200 ppm max
  • Water insolubles: 0.05 % max
  • Mesh size: 0.037 – 0.5mm

Sodium sulphate is soluble in water and glycerine but is insoluble in ethanol. It is chemically very stable, being unreactive to most oxidising or reducing agents at normal temperatures. When dissolved in water it produces a neutral pH solution.

In the laboratory, anhydrous sodium sulphate is widely used as an inert drying agent, for removing traces of water from organic solutions.

Other uses for sodium sulphate include de-frosting windows, in carpet fresheners, starch manufacture, and as an additive to cattle feed. it is also used in many powdered cleaners including laundry powders, destaining powders, carpet cleaners etc.

Lately, sodium sulfate has been found effective in dissolving very finely electroplated micrometre gold that is found in gold electroplated hardware on electronic products such as pins, and other connectors and switches. It is safer and cheaper than other reagents used for gold recovery.

Other uses are from a wide range of industries, including dyeing technology, electrochemical metal treatment, pharmaceuticals, textile, semi-conductors, intermediates, and agriculture.

Health & Safety

This product is not classified according to the EU regulations.

For more information see MSDS for sodium sulphate

Where to buy Sodium Sulphate online



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