What is Ferric Oxide Monohydrate and what is it used for ?

Ferric Oxide Monohydrate

What is Ferric Oxide Monohydrate

Ferric oxide monohydrate also known as Yellow Iron oxide or  Pigment yellow 42 is yellow powder in the form of an alkaline oxide with comparatively stable chemical properties. It is slightly soluble in acids but completely dissolves in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Iron oxide is used in coating, printing ink and paint, and also as a coloring agent for building material, rubber and paper-making. It widely used due to its bright and pure colour, good weather proofing and high opacity. It is manufactured by the precipitation of ferric oxide hydroxide followed by purification through washing, drying and milling.

Properties & Specification of Ferric oxide monohydrate:

  • Other Names: C.I. 77492; Iron (III) oxide monohydrate yellow; Ferric oxide hydrate; Pigment yellow 42; Bayferrox 920;
  • CAS No: 51274–00–1
  • EINECS: 257–098–5
  • Formula: Fe2O3 H2O / FeOOH
  • MOL Wt: 177.71 g/mol
  • Assay: >98%
  • Fe2O3 content: 86%
  • Physical state: yellow powder
  • Particle size: not available
  • Relative density: 4.03 g/cm3
  • Melting Point: 1538 oC
  • Solubility: insoluble
  • pH Value: 4.5

Yellow iron oxide is insoluble in water and alcohol but is soluble in concentrated mineral acids. When heated to 80C it loses water and converts to red ferric oxide.

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Uses for Ferric oxide monohydrate:

  • Used as yellow pigment (CI pigment 42:77492).
  • A pigment in ceramics to produce glazes.
  • Coating, paint, scagliola, tinting of the wall, floor.
  • Pigment of watercolour and grease-paint.
  • Tinting of the leather-colorant.
  • Food Grade oxide is used as a food additive.

Ferric oxide monohydrate is also used in paints, enamels, Porcelain Enamels, concrete colorants, plastics, rubber, and paper where permanent yellow is required. It has excellent hiding power, absorbs ultraviolet light, is compatible with a broad range of vehicles, disperses well in aqueous and solvent systems, does not contain heavy metals. Other applications are in Primers, Wood Primers, Dry Distemper, Cement Paints, Adhesives, Cement Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Designer Tiles, Paving blocks, Cement Colours , Mosaic Tiles, Ceramics, Plastics (Plastics Asphalt), PVC, Rubber products ,Paper, Crayons, Leather, Glazes, Dadoes, Plaster works. Elastomers , Textile, Inks, Fiber, Glass Polishing, Metal Polishing, Rouge Polishing, Optical Lens etc . . .

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