What is Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) and how is it used


Dipropylene glycol is a colourless, nearly odourless liquid with a high boiling point and low toxicity. It is a mixture of three isomeric chemical compounds, 4-oxa-2,6-heptandiol, 2-(2-Hydroxy -propoxy) -propan-1-ol, and 2-(2-Hydroxy-1-methyl-ethoxy) -propan-1-ol.

  • Chemical Names: oxydipropanol, oxybispropanol, bis(2-hydroxypropyl) ether, 2,2′-dihydroxydipropyl ether, 1,1′-dimethyl diethylene glycol, 1,1′-oxydi-2-propanol, 2,2′-dihydroxyisopropyl ether, 2-(2-hydroxypropyl)-1-methyl ethanol, 1-(2-hydroxypropoxy) propan-2-ol, hydroxyprpyl oxypropanol
  • CAS NO: 25265–71–8
  • Description: Liquid at room temperature, colourless and Odourless.
  • Actual Specific Gravity : 1.02140 @ 25.00 C.
  • Specific Gravity : 1.01900 – 1.02100 @ 25.00 C.
  • Actual Refractive Index : 1.44140 @ 20.00 C.
  • Refractive Index : 1.43000 – 1.45000 @ 20.00 C.
  • Assay: 99.00 – 100.00 %
  • Soluble in : Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Alcohol, Isopropyl Myristate, Amyris Wood Oil
  • Insoluble in : Water
  • EINECS: 246–770–3
  • CONTENT: Min 99 %

Uses for dipropylene glycol:

Perfumery Uses :

  • Making Diffuser oils (see below for details)
  • Very good fragrance diluent and quencher.

Other effective uses of DPG are:

  • Hydraulic brake fluid formulations
  • Cutting oils
  • Textile lubricants
  • Printing inks
  • Coatings
  • Industrial soaps
  • Solvent for agri chemicals eg. insecticides.

How to make your own DIFFUSER OIL:

  • 30% Fragrance oil
  • 60–65% DPG
  • 5–10% Perfumers alcohol

To make diffuser oil, blend the fragrance oil with the DPG until clear. Add Perfumers alcohol to reduce viscosity to desired thickness.

To read an article on how to make your own Reed Diffuser click here

Where to Buy Dipropylene glycol online in the UK


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